Wedding Planning

A toolkit to help you plan!

As an avid organiser and specialist in the world of weddings, it is my pleasure to share some useful checklists, tools and insights. I created and tested these for my own wedding, and I hope that you find them as useful as I did.

You will see that each file can be downloaded in a PDF or Word format. I would recommend that you view the PDF version if viewing the checklists on a device (this will maintain the integrity of the formatting), and then use the editable Microsoft Word documents when you’re ready to tailor, amend and edit them for your special day.

If you are a Vendor, you are most welcome to use and/or distribute them, but I do ask that you kindly credit my work.

Wedding Checklist

Many brides and grooms say that knowing where to start, what to do, and when, is a challenge when planning a wedding. I often hear the phrase “I think that I am forgetting something”. This comprehensive checklist includes all of the key activities, milestones and actions required, including approximate timeframes, to make sure that you’re super organised.

Guest List and Details

When planning a wedding, the guest list is often one of the hardest parts. If you do the ground-work at the beginning and use a streamlined template, you will be able to use it for many different purposes; Invitations, RSVP tracking, place cards, seating charts, thank you cards, the list goes on… You may wish to transfer this template to Microsoft Excel, so that you can mail merge and filter.

Budget and Vendors

Brides and grooms often state that creating (and sticking!) to a budget is quite the challenge. It also makes life easier if you keep track of all of your suppliers/vendors, their contact details and where you’re at in the process with each of them. This tool allows you to pre-plan your budget, include vendor details, track payment status’ and due dates, as well as being able to see how you’re tracking. You may wish to transfer this to Microsoft Excel if you’re comfortable using formulas.

Key Responsibilities

There are many roles which contribute towards the success of a wedding day. Often the marrying couple choose to ask special friends and family to perform these roles. This checklist ensures that each of the roles are considered.

Important People Photo Checklist

Trying to get all of the people that you love in one place for one photo is a bit like wrangling cats. A wedding day is no different, especially when you want variations – One with the parents, one with siblings, one with everyone, one with cousins, one without, the list goes on! I would recommend that you allocate someone the role of coordinating everyone for photos on the day so that the photographer can focus on their role; getting the perfect picture. This checklist allows you to identify who you want in each photo, to ensure that it’s an efficient process, as well as making sure that you don’t miss anyone. It’s a good idea to share this with your photographer as well.

Wedding Day Timings

“Time flies when you’re having fun”; This is especially true on your wedding day. This checklist plans out timings for each element of your wedding day. In my experience, it’s best to start at the end of the day, and work your way backwards. You may wish to provide a copy of this to your photographer, celebrant, MC, bridal party and wedding coordinator

Ceremony and Reception Music

The music that you choose sets the scene for the day. Using this tool, you can select your favourite songs, making sure to set the right atmosphere for both your ceremony and reception. I have also included some of my favourites as a starting point. You may wish to provide a copy of this to your celebrant, MC and band/DJ.

Name Change Checklist

You’re married, how exciting! If you’ve decided to change your name, you may be a little less excited about the associated life administration of updating your details. This checklist will ensure you don’t miss any of the key organisations.

Some organisations require certified ID for you to change your name. I am a Justice of the Peace (Qual) and am more than happy to certify documentation for my clients. You may also wish to look on the following website for JP’s in your area:

QLD             NSW

Order of Ceremony Booklet: Fun, editable newspaper template

I worked with a friend to create this fun order of service booklet. It was printed in colour on to A3 paper, and folded in half. It was a lovely personalised touch for the ceremony and it set the scene for a relaxed ceremony whilst giving the guests something to do whilst they eagerly awaited the arrival of the bride.

Georgia Lutvey Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

Georgia Lutvey
Civil Marriage Celebrant

Georgia Lutvey is a Brisbane based Civil Marriage Celebrant.