On a Budget: Fun, easy and gorgeous DIY wedding day touches

Feb 17, 2020

One of the fun parts of wedding planning (and attending a wedding as a guest!) is the little personalised touches. Below are some of those which I’ve personally had the pleasure of creating at my own wedding, and at a good friend’s wedding.
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Name Plates

The name plates at a wedding are often purely for practical purposes, however, for my wedding I decided to integrate my love of chocolate with the name plates. These little name plates on toothpicks were made by a very talented small business, and were popped into Ferrero Rochers. The perfect pre-entrée snack for our wedding guests!

diy wedding day touches 7

Bonbonnieres / Wedding Favours

It would be very easy to get caught-up and go very over-budget when it comes to bonbonnieres. I’ve been the recipient of some gorgeous favours as a wedding guest which I still find very handy today – Playing cards, pens, candles, fresh baked cookies, chocolates and a mini bell from a destination wedding.

We had a pink and white colour scheme for our wedding, so I bought some small gloss boxes with personalised pale pink labels, and alternated homemade bath bombs in heart shapes with chocolates. These came in well under $100, and were fun to make with a group of friends before the day.

Order of Ceremony Books

Traditionally an order of ceremony book is a folded over piece of paper which as the name suggests outlines the order of ceremony. More often these days, brides and grooms are opting to veer away from this tradition by either not having one at all, or making them a little bit different.

I had the pleasure of working with a friend to create this newspaper style booklet, which gave guests something fun to do while they eagerly anticipated the bride’s arrival. It also made a great keepsake from their wedding day.

I have put the editable templates on my website which you can use – follow the button below.

‘The Next Day’ Packs

The day after a wedding can sometimes be a challenge – whether you’re tired, have wine-flu, or both. A group of friends and I made these little ‘next day packs’ for guests to take as they were leaving a friend’s wedding. The packs contained water, Berocca, Bandaids, Shapes, Panadol and Tictacs.

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Georgia Lutvey
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