The Journey

What to expect in the lead up to your ceremony

Thank you for considering me to be a part of your special day, I am honoured. My role as Marriage Celebrant is to work with you to create the perfect ceremony and to make everything as easy as possible for you both. Whilst there are a few legislative requirements to get married, the rest is up to us! Below is an example timeline of how we can work together to prepare for your big day.

You're Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement, what an exciting time. Let’s book in a time that works for us to meet. We will talk through my role as a Marriage Celebrant, how I can help you and some tips on wedding planning.

You've booked a date

How exciting, your big day is coming together. You’ll pay a small deposit and I’ll secure the date in my calendar.

18 Months - 1 Month before your wedding

It’s time to talk about your preferences, plans and vision for your ceremony. We’ll work together to personalise it, and also do some important paperwork. This will include ID, Notice of Intended Marriage, as well as information on relationship services.  We’ll also go through my ceremony pack and talk through how we can make your day perfect; This might include readings, poems, inclusions of special friends or family, music, and anything else you wish.

Week of your wedding

We’ll meet up for a rehearsal, ideally with the members of your bridal party. This will be our opportunity to put the final touches on your ceremony, talk logistics and make sure everyone is comfortable with what their role is on the day. You’ll also sign a declaration which completes the final piece of paperwork to do before your wedding.

You may also wish to bring in copies of your identification that I can certify as a Justice of the Peace (Qual).  This will save you doing this once you’re married. Many organisations require certified copies for name changing purposes, and you may also need it when applying for your marriage certificate through the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages (subject to state and chosen application process).

Your wedding day

The big day is here! Now is the time to relax and celebrate your love for one another. I will arrive early to the ceremony, setup the PA, and make sure that everybody is ready and comfortable. I will support you in easing your nerves and ensure that your ceremony is all you had hoped for.

After your wedding day

Whilst you’re enjoying your new married life, I will submit your paperwork to the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages within 14 days of your wedding date. Once this has been done you can then apply/process payment for your official marriage certificate (also through the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages).


Live happily ever after!

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